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Your wedding day is YOUR day.  There is not a right or wrong way to enjoy your wedding - so long as it fits what you want!  

Ceremonies are very ritualistic.  So, for the sake of time we will follow the most ritualistic pattern.  Even though, I still say, you can d...

 As we travel down the road of life we encounter many bumps, turns and dead-ends.  Part of our road map is music.  Songs inspire and lift us to reach our goals and know that tomorrow can be better than today.  

We can look into the past and see that we ha...





Life has some interesting lessons stored in the most unlikely of places.  For me, that is being an event DJ.  

   DJing takes work.  It's more than making a great playlist or being considered a human jukebox.  There is a lot of preparation that goes in befo...


During the days of Shakespeare, theatrical productions had to take place during the day.  Beautiful lighting instruments that we have now were not yet developed.  That's why there are so many productions of Shakespeare's plays performed during the day in a park.  He w...

So you're having an event?  Besides YOU and your entertainment, the items you provide for consumption are often the next star of the show.  If there's one item that can contribute to how much fun your party is... well, it's alcohol.


But does that have to be t...



As a professional in the wedding market I see more weddings in just a few months than most people do over the course of a lifetime.  Generally, I don't involve myself as much in the overall planning process - but I do experience the final product....

  As a music lover, weddings are a great platform to combine many different genres, musical decades and artists all together in one special evening.  It is unlike being at a prom, social gathering or nightclub where the music is generally tailored to one specific audie...

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May 3, 2016

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