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Events by Snow & Your Wedding

Multi-Award Winning DJ Kevin Snow
Exclusivity (One Wedding on Your Day)
Emcee/Master of Ceremonies
5 Hours of Entertainment
Ceremony Included
Two Sound Systems
Dance Lighting
Wireless Microphones
Back Up Equipment
Consultation/Open Communication
Walk Through Site Visit
Music Planning Guide
Responsive to e-mails, texts and phone calls within 24 hours
Coordination with venue, planner, photo/video
Deliver outstanding DJ performance with mixing and beat matching
Satisfaction Guarantee
Reviews Encouraged
5 Secrets to an Awesome Wedding
(located below on this page)
Inspire Your Event Podcast + YouTube
50% Retainer to Save Your Date
Remainder paid 1 Month Prior to Wedding

DJ Kevin Snow - Winner of 2019 Pick of

I've got 5 awesome tips I'll share with you today to help your wedding be the best it can be!  Where did I get these tips?? Well....

About 10 years ago I started DJing weddings to supplement myself as a high school theater and public speaking teacher.  I began DJing weddings because there are several things I love:

- Music
- Entertaining people 
- Public Speaking
- Creating memories and, of course...
- Having fun!

     Turns out DJing weddings is where I belong and over the years I have DJed for more than 100+ brides and learned a few tips and tricks to make the night successful!  My goal as your wedding DJ is to make sure that your night is perfect and I am going to start that TODAY by providing you with 5 Wedding Secrets that will help make sure your night is incredible.  If having a super fun and dance packed night is what you want - you will love these tips - and I have plenty more where these came from! 

Find out WHY I do what I do and what it means for you in the video below! 
I've heard it's a good story :)

"If having an incredibly fun dance party (that makes your wedding stand out from other weddings) is a key to your dream night, you are 100% in the right place with Events by Snow."

OKAY! We've made it.  Here they are:
Kevin's 5 Secrets/Tips to an AWESOME wedding!

1. Well, not always WEIRD...but kinda.

- There will be people from 7 to 70 years old with different musical tastes - that's a tough crowd to please!   Not to mention, all of your guests most likely don't know each other.  Many weddings that I have attended (as a guest - especially as a plus one) I only knew the person I came with (and maybe one of the people getting married).  If you want everyone to have a good time - make sure to have a variety of songs from different decades and genres. 

Don't worry!  I've DJed plenty weddings and can read your crowd, knowing exactly when to mix these variety of songs appropriately.  Everyone will be friends by the end of the night :)  We will talk more about it during our first meeting!










2. Because eating is fun, right?

- A lot of your guests will have traveled or had a long day (including you and your wedding party) so we have to keep things lively, as much as possible!  Slow dinner music slows the energy.  After sitting through the ceremony and eating dinner... it may feel like time for a nap.  We don't want guests feeling like it's time for a snooze, right?  I'll be sure to keep some fun and light-hearted energy in the room during dinner so everyone knows the party will keep escalating! 













3. Especially around drink number 3 

- Your floor plan should have your bar near the dance floor so that people don't have to leave the party or wander through tables to get a drink.  If the bar is practically on the dance floor - your guests will be, well... on the dance floor all night :) 

There's other floor plan logistics we should talk about, too. In fact, there's so many little things that you may not think of because there's so many other BIG things to plan.  But all those BIG plans can fall apart if the little things trip you up. 

I've got your covered.  We will talk about it in our consultation.











4. Don't let your toasts get burned!

- Toasts are definitely significant, special, and sometimes sappy - and all of that is awesome to help create a range of emotions in the evening.  I would advise to plan who is saying a few words and not have an open floor for anyone to speak. This can eat up 15-20 minutes of your night EASILY.  Long winded toasts are better at the rehearsal dinner.  Your guests will stop listening and become chatty if they get bored.  It's 2019...attention spans are limited.  












5.  One more song!

-  All of the planning (vendor searching, e-mails, coordinating, etc.) will culminate with a once in a lifetime party that will be here before you know it!  Make sure everything you have put into the night is exactly what you want. 

Your wedding can seem to move so fast.  Three hours may seem like enough time to have a reception - next thing you know, you'll wish you had three more. 

If you follow these tips - chances are you may want to keep the party going longer than expected!  Make sure to check with all appropriate vendors about their policy on going over longer.

You get FIVE hours with me right from the start. :)

Bonus thought:
All of your and your fiance's closest friends and family will be there.  At the end of the day - people remember things because of experiences and emotions . Give them enough time to have the best experience AND experience the emotional love/laughter you can only find at a wedding. 

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