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The secrets to help create your dream day will be at your fingertips in no time! 

Eliminate your wedding planning stress and focus on giving you, your family and friends the party that is deserved!  You get ONE CHANCE to have the party of a lifetime - do it right!

My 5 Secrets to an Amazing Wedding 

Needing some help and inspiration with planning your wedding?  Check out my books below!  I've bundled them for you, but you can also buy them individually.



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NOW $17.00
(Instant Download)

40 Days to an Amazing Wedding

- Plan your wedding in 6 weeks!

- Setting wedding goals

- Organizing your vendors to create your dream day

- Walk-through planning guide

No More Cookie Cutter Weddings

- Why weddings fail...a lot

- 2 rules to follow when planning a successful wedding

- How to make your wedding

wow your friends and family

- Creative approaches to each moment (from pre-ceremony to grand exit)

- Drawing theatrical elements into your wedding to make it dynamic

Quick Tips to Save Your Budget

- Discover where people overspend

- What elements are not needed

- Fun ways to show your style while saving money

- Determining a budget and who will be paying

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