No More Cookie Cutter Weddings

(Secrets to Unique and Memorable Events)

No More Cookie Cutter Weddings, by Kevin Snow, will guide you through planning a wedding or event from the eyes of an industry professional who has seen too many similar weddings and is ready to make a change. Many weddings and events fail to deliver a unique experience no matter how well they are planned. With this book, you can aim to have an event that stands out from the rest by focusing on details that most people miss.If you want to have a truly memorable event, join Kevin as he walks you through what causes events to feel empty and provides insider ideas and inspiration to create a lasting impact for you and your guests. Kevin's approach harnesses his background and degree in theatre plus over 10 years experience in special events. Using "two rules" and a new approach to planning - learn the secrets to make your event unique. Don't leave your guests telling people the wedding was "beautiful" or "a nice time". Kevin will show you how that should be considered a failed wedding. There's so much more that can be uncovered. It's time to revamp the industry.No more cookie cutter weddings!

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