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TO Drink or NOT to Drink? That is the question.

So you're having an event? Besides YOU and your entertainment, the items you provide for consumption are often the next star of the show. If there's one item that can contribute to how much fun your party is... well, it's alcohol.

fancy cocktail drink

But does that have to be the case?

Let's explore options.

Having some drinks at your event definitely wins the popular vote. However, if this is your wedding day, your vote wins. Before casting your vote let's hear out both sides.

To Drink

Your wedding is a party. A lot of people associate parties with drinking. You may have met several folks at your wedding because you had been drinking...including your new spouse!

Remove the alcohol -> remove the party -> remove the dancing -> boring night (or some might think).

Your guests are giving up a Friday or Saturday night to join you. They potentially spent money to travel, gave up other opportunities and are expecting a good time. It's a bit of a bust to place restrictions on their adult behavior.

(Guilt trip is now over.)

Not to Drink

Maybe its religious reasons, maybe its health, maybe its uncontrollable behavior from several invited guests... there's plenty of reasons you may choose to have a dry wedding.

A bride I'm currently working with put it best: "I would rather regret people being bummed about no alcohol than regret something devastating happening because we served alcohol."

If you fall in line with this, maybe you'd like to consider some non-alcoholic options:

- Tea Bar (hot/cold ... so many varieties)

- Milkshake Bar (just go check out HOW many flavors Sonic can do)

- Ice Cream Floats (sorry to add this here... but can be applied to alcoholic beverages, too...)

- Natural Juice and Smoothies

- Non-alcoholic versions of piña coladas, daquiris, Bloody Mary's, etc.

- Non-alcoholic beer and wine

- Water, soda, juice, punch (of course)

Various Options for Serving Alcohol

Before any alcohol is paid for you will also have to pay for a bartender. In my opinion it is not the classiest of moves to have them set out a tip jar. You may ask them how much they usually receive in tips and go ahead and pay them that amount. Just a thought.

Full Service Open Bar:

This is your most expensive option but you will really make your guests happy...

An open bar means that you pay a set cost so that drinks are free for all guests. Talk to your vendor to see what options they have. For example, there are probably different tiers for better grades of alcohol. Drinks flow all night!

Consumption Bar:

This guarantees how much you will spend in advance. Say you want to only cover $200 worth of alcohol. That tab will dwindle down through out the night as everyone enjoys their favorite adult beverages. After that, your guests no longer receive free drinks and your bar has now become a...

Cash Bar:

Everyone will be required to pay for their drinks as they go the same way you would in a normal bar or drinking establishment. Usually "cash" is the best way to handle payment. Ask your vendor if they will accept credit/debit cards and tell your guests to plan accordingly.

Limited Bar:

Maybe you only have a few select beers and wines. You can pay for a the first few drinks and give your guests a ticket that they use to redeem their drinks and everything after that is cash. You could also only provide champagne for the toasts.

Signature Drinks:

Here you and your fiance choose to only have certain cocktails available. Maybe you share a special drink that you have concocted and named yourself and only serve that!

Dry Event:

No alcohol is served. But no one is stopping you from sneaking a few drinks in your dressing room or private lounge. If you do a dry event, you could have an official after party at a local bar that everyone goes to after your reception. No more worrying about anyone ruining your event!

Here is a good tool to use to calculate approximately how much you will spend on alcohol:

Happy Planning!

- Kevin

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