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The importance of lighting at your wedding!

During the days of Shakespeare, theatrical productions had to take place during the day. Beautiful lighting instruments that we have now were not yet developed. That's why there are so many productions of Shakespeare's plays performed during the day in a park. He wrote them knowing they would be performed with the sun as the only light source. However, going to many productions of today (whether theatrical, musical, cinematic, etc) you would be hard-pressed to find anyone not using lights to create a mood and atmosphere.

My degree is in Theater Education from Winthrop University. I've been in many stage performances as well as television and film. During the rehearsal process you may have the greatest actors and sets, but until the costumes and lighting are introduced it doesn't appear to be a genuine work of art. In most cases, the performance looks less than 50% put together without having the spectacle that costumes and lighting provide. There is something that feels extremely left to be desired without these final elements. Does the phrase "Lights, Camera, Action!" ring a bell? Lights come first!

How does this relate to your wedding or special occasion? Your wedding dress, the suits or tuxedos, everyone in their formal-wear... wow, everyone looks the part. The stage is set by the venue, your decorator, the caterer and your cake! It's the perfect stage to play out your special day. This is the moment where you want to make your stage really come to life! You need lighting to experience the radiant and glowing reception that you deserve! You are selling yourself short if you skip this part!

Up-lighting is one of the most effective ways to transform your entire event. Let's take a look at a before and after:

before and after uplighting up lighting

Do I need to point out the difference it makes?

Wireless up-lighting can be used underneath tables to illuminate table cloths, to accentuate the trees outside or to bring the outside of the venue to life. The possibilities go as far as you and your lighting designer's imagination! Take a look at this house in Stuart, Florida that I applied lighting to:

white lights on florida home

blue up lighting

lighting rental for venue

Without lighting this house was completely in the dark!

It doesn't end here. There are other forms of lighting to make your day oh-so-dreamy!

Cafe-string lights work great indoors and out to tie your space together.

cafe string lights

Monogram Lights can be simply your initials, your first names, your wedding date, the name of the event or any other words you want to use to leave your mark.

wedding monogram light

Spot Lights can highlight certain areas such as your cake or gift table.

cake spot light

This is just a brief overview of a few types of lighting and the options they can provide to you. We haven't even began discussing intelligent lighting and how you can dramatically escalate the evening by programming lights to move and change to create certain scenes for special moments!

Call or e-mail today to find out more about having lighting in addition to your DJ services! 803.553.5446

- Kevin

Events by Snow Wedding DJ Columbia, SC

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